I sure do love Nashville.  You know why? Because everywhere I go, the atmosphere is abuzz with expectation, hope, and creativity.  I love that this blog affords me the chance to meet and form relationships with artists from all over the place.  I love that I can connect with local artists to help spread the word about their work.  It really inspires me.  I sure do love Nashville.

On that note…devoted readers, meet Patrick Kinsley, lover of all things Budweiser, Steve Earle, and Drive-By Truckers.  Born into a large Irish Catholic family and raised in Massachusetts, Kinsley spent time living in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, China (yes, China), and New Orleans, before relocating to Nashville to follow his alt-country dreams.  Being a member of a large family meant that he grew up sharing a room with one of his brothers; Kinsley recalled that his brother introduced him to Lou Reed’s “Venus In Furs,” and it blew him away.  His brother’s CD collection situated in their shared closet sourced his music addiction, and he began writing his own music in his teens.  “Back In Illinois” was inspired by his little sister, Mary, who was traveling by Amtrak train to visit her boyfriend in Illinois; Kinsley and his sister were living in different states, and he missed her.

Kinsley is on tour with his band, who will be at The Howlin’ Wolf in New Orleans this Saturday, June 6th.  Keep an eye on Facebook to see when they’ll be headed your way.

Without further ado, East of 8th presents “Back In Illinois” by Patrick Kinsley & A Fistful of Dollars!


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