If you haven’t been introduced to Coasts, please allow me the honor!  This amazing British band has captured my heart and enraptured my ears…part Two Door Cinema Club indie-dance pop, part passionately anthemic U2-style rock, I honestly just can’t get enough.

Coasts was on tour with Bad Suns this year, which luckily brought them to Nashville for the first time.  The show was sold-out and packed wall-to-wall with patrons; normally, this would frustrate me, but Coasts made it worth all the stepped-on toes and elbow jabs.

The band took the stage, beginning the set with one of my personal favorites, “Wallow,” a rhythmically intense and guitar-heavy fist-pumper.  The tom-centric tribal drum beats and bass-tastic soundwaves of the dance-y “Modern Love” blew my hair back, and made the whole joint jump, while the band’s charisma was on full display during “Tonight.”  Coasts ended their show with another personal favorite, the energy-rich “Oceans,” with its catchy chorus (“we fell in love/right by the ocean/made all our plans/down on the sand”) and swoon-worthy lyrical delivery from lead vocalist Chris Caines.  Please come back to Nashville soon, Coasts!

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