photo by Gabriel Max Starner
Photo by Gabriel Max Starner

Y’all! Nashville-based Wildfront, who is very near and dear to my heart and one of my favorite bands, has released a brand new single, “January,” from their forthcoming EP, a follow-up to their latest EP, Strange Gold.  Comprised of Josephine Moore, Krista Glover, John Corlew, and Devan Kochersperger, the quartet has traded in their guitar-heavy dream-pop/shoegaze style for a more 80s synth-pop/new wave sound, and it totally works for them.

Impose Magazine premiered the single recently, accurately capturing the essence of “January,” saying:

“The cold spell/snap of “January” rekindles those recalled feelings of the long winter season as a backdrop for the duet between John and Josephine that depicts the back and forth pendulum swing of desires, and the sparks (or lack their of) that binds hearts tightly together in unison…as Wildfront lets the dramatic exchange unfold before your ears, the instrumental rhythm remains tight, and addictive in a way where the audience feels like the are privy to a lover’s spat during the ennui of overstayed seasons.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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