South Carolina’s Toro y Moi appeared at Exit/In recently, with Los Angeles-based Vinyl Williams providing opening support; if you missed the festivities, never fear!  We’ve got photographic highlights just for you!
17783879688_a58125beb3_o 17784128530_e392ae697c_o 17785583499_18d142373d_o 17785597359_06d855cdf5_o 17945398966_2dea8c6ee1_o 17945408006_6fe71151ab_o 17968618712_86b9370c3b_o 17971756465_aa032d2969_o 17971862925_57e109f9f0_o 17972524981_b20b412049_o 17349201544_43820cb182_o 17351270213_bc3bf0cabe_o 17784146930_d18097d9f9_o 17784154530_c08360009e_o 17784169570_d8f6f00e80_o 17784195880_070aeea6d3_o 17784210620_4ffd4306b2_o 17785550299_49d0c7a353_o 17785569909_f8fe4ab8af_o 17785578409_a8bcbbd1f5_o 17945319446_c7f284c095_o 17945343196_64a4149340_o 17971809635_70abaa2a55_o 17972475691_16dbaa2455_o

Photographs are courtesy of the incomparable Samuel Katz on behalf of East of 8th (IG portfolio: @samuel_katz).

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