Navigating the weather in the Music City has been a challenge this winter, with snow and ice cramping our style in more ways than one.  It kept me from going to a show or two, but I was determined not to miss out when Austin-based Saints of Valory, on their recent North American tour, stopped in Nashville on March 6th.  The crowd could have been bigger (thanks again to the weather), but Saints of Valory performed their hearts out for us, and I fan-girled like it was my job…
The lights dimmed and SOV made a dramatic entrance onto the hazy stage and opened the show with the dynamic “Twenty-Six.”  The energy level was at full tilt from that point forward; SOV rocked my socks off performing their catalogue of fist-pumping anthems, doing some serious work with auxillary percussion, and ending the evening with their brand new tune “Fighting.”  If you get the chance to catch their show, you really should make it a priority, they are FANTASTIC.
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