Big DataContinuing with our celebration of blog favorites headed to SXSW this year….today’s spotlight shines on Big Data!

I got a chance to interview Alan Wilkis, a.k.a. Big Data, last July, when his song “Dangerous” was dominating the airspace.  I really dug that song; I was intrigued by Big Data as a musical concept, so I set out to find out about the man behind the music.

Since that interview, the self-proclaimed purveyor of paranoid electronic pop has been on tour around the country, appeared on late night television shows, blessed us with more catchy tunes like “The Business of Emotion” featuring White Sea, *insert emoji with hearts for eyes here*), is set to play summer music festivals like Firefly, is (finally!) releasing his debut LP 2.0 on March 23rd…taking a breath…..and is headed to SXSW next week before going on tour again!

I haven’t seen that there’s a Nashville stop on his tour….I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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