1423518298926-11gxrizx63v26gvi-fe9de83716e2adb4d530a10be5d6b3feLook out y’all….Richmond, Virginia-based six-piece shoegaze-y supergroup Avers is rolling into the Music City and playing at the Stone Fox on March 13th.  Comprised of members from bands like The Head and The Heart and The Mason Brothers, this collective may have formed by chance, but let me tell you, the music they’ve made is no accident.  I recently had an opportunity to ask them a few questions, because, beloved readers, you need to get to know this group:

Eo8:  As a conglomeration of members of other bands with really different sounds, the music you’ve made together is edgier and harder; what has inspired your collective sound?

AVERS:  That’s a great question. It was not a conscious decision to make edgy or harder music, it just kind of happened.  I suppose in retrospect perhaps all of us had that urge to explore sounds that were outside of the other bands we are in.

Eo8:  Your lineup is described as ‘a band whose six members each represent a different kind of cool friend you probably had in college.’  Can you tell us what each member individually brings to the table?

AVERS: Well, musically that’s a tough question because we are all switching instruments and vocal duties.  In terms of personality, we are all very different people but somehow it clicks like a family. We all have very different musical backgrounds.  For example Alex’s first instrument is the cello, whereas I grew up learning 60s folk and classic rock songs. Aside from his great musicianship, Adrian also brings an amazing studio to the table: Montrose.  That has become our home base in many ways, and was certainly where Avers was born: this started as friends having fun in the studio, and we did not intend to start a band per se. JL also has a studio we occasionally use through his company Overcoast music.

Eo8:  What was the inspiration behind the video for “Evil“?

AVERS:  The concept and execution was really all from the video producers. We had some input here and there, but the main inspiration came from them. We were very lucky to have The Flies Collective out of New York do this video. They are a talented bunch and a pleasure to work with.

Eo8:  Will you have time to hang out in Nashville while you’re here, and if so, what will you do?

AVERS: Yes! Actually our tour with ELEL ends March 8th in Chattanooga, and then our trip down to SXSW begins in Nashville at the Stone Fox on Friday March 13th. So rather than go all the way back to Richmond VA, we are all staying in Nashville, and we are so excited! It is such an amazing city with so much talent and love. There’s some talk in the van about doing some studio tours, karaoke, getting some hot chicken, and maybe record a limited edition single at Third Man Records.

Eo8:  You’re touring until March 22nd; what’s next for Avers?

AVERS:  We are wrapping up the mixing of our second record, and we have some shows and showcases coming up in the summer. It’s a very exciting time partially because we are not entirely sure what is in fact next for Avers.

The show is at The Stone Fox at 9:00 p.m., and tickets are only $8!  If you aren’t able to make it to Nashville, you can check them out when they travel to your neck of the woods:

2/26 @ strange matter – richmond, va
2/27 @ baby’s all right – brooklyn, ny
2/28 @ pianos – new york, ny
3/02 @ johnny brenda’s – philadelphia, pa
3/03 @ black cat – washington, dc
3/04 @ cat’s cradle – carrboro, nc
3/05 @ savannah stopover festival – savannah, ga
3/06 @ tin roof – charleston, nc
3/07 @ the music room – atlanta, ga
3/08 @ jj’s bohemia – chattanooga tn
3/15 @ gasa gasa –  new orleans, la
3/16 @ fitzgerald’s – houston, tx
3/17 – 3/21 – SXSW – austin, tx
3/22 @ bottletree cafe – birmingham, al

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