The Griswolds
The Griswolds
Hello friends! If you haven’t heard them yet, I’d like to formally introduce you to Tim John, Daniel Duque-Perez, Lachlan West, and Christopher Whitehall, collectively known as The Griswolds, a four-piece indie rock band hailing from Sydney, Australia.  Their music is fantastically catchy and energetic, like a virtual dance party in your earbuds.  On the eve of releasing their brand new album and embarking on a world tour (that’s right, a WORLD TOUR), they were kind enough to take some time to answer some questions just for our viewing pleasure:
Eo8:  The band is only two years old; how did you come together to form The Griswolds, and what were the other projects/jobs you were each involved with at the time?
TG:  We all were playing in a few different bands, we would play around Sydney a lot and our bands played together a few times.  We’d usually heckle the shit out of each other, too. When we decided to start The Griswolds, it was really easy, everyone was really keen to start something fresh.  
Eo8:  Your new album, Be Impressive, will be released in August, can you give us any hints or ideas about what to expect?
TG:  If Phoenix, Foster The People, Kanye West, Tame Impala and Dolly Parton had an orgy, this album would be the love child
Eo8:  Your music videos are pretty crazy, and little on the messy side.  What is the inspiration behind them?
TG:  We usually just brainstorm together and try and come up with crazy video ideas that haven’t been overdone yet. 
Eo8:  You’ve played some festivals, like Firefly, this summer.  Any interesting stories you’d be willing to share?
TG:  One Griswolds member threw up in the tour bus, that was pretty awesome.  
Eo8:  Who does the songwriting, and what does that process look like for The Griswolds?
TG:  This album was written mostly by Dan and myself (Chris), but every one puts their bits in here and there.  Dan and I moved into a bush cabin to write the first half of the album and then we all moved to New York and the label gave us a writing studio in Times Square to finish the rest off.  It was actually the studio where Tupac was shot.  
Eo8:  What bands or albums are you listening to these days and is there anything that has really made an impact on you and influenced The Griswolds’ music?
TG:  We all listen to a lot of everything all the time.  Around album-time we were listening to a lot of Tame Impala, INXS, Drake, Kanye West, Phoenix, Little Dragon, Group Love, MGMT, Theophilus London.  I think a lot of those influences made it onto the album.  
Eo8:  Using your most descriptive phrase, what is performing like for you?
TG:  You work so hard at this and try and write the best songs you can; you put everything you’ve got on the line and hope that it works out.  Performing is that one time when you get to meet fans face to face and have an experience together whilst sharing the music that we’ve worked so hard on.  It’s the payoff. 
Eo8:  Is there anything else you would like my awesome readers to know about you?
TG:  Yeah, we’re on a bit of a world tour starting on the 10th of July, so we will probably be in a town near you soon 🙂
Check out The Griswolds’ tour dates to see when they are headed to your neighborhood!

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  1. Can’t wait to hear their new album on August 26!! Been listening to their new single “Down and Out” nonstop 🙂

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