As I sat at my favorite coffee shop drafting this post, looking out the window at this gray, rainy, cold, Tennessee winter day, I decided to create a playlist to to lift us all from these unwelcome winter doldrums (click here to listen).  There’s something amazing about music’s ability to lift our spirits, you know? While I love listening to Christmas music this time of year, I feel like I’ve already experienced an overdose.  This playlist is designed to keep you warm and put a little pep in your step.  And it will make all your wildest dreams come true.  Just kidding…or am I?

1) Do I Wanna Know by The Arctic Monkeys…I can’t get enough of this song right now.  I like The Arctic Monkeys, but sometimes their songs are really “noisy,” if that makes any sense.  This song, about a proposition of sorts, asks the question “do I wanna know, if this feeling flows both ways?”  With its slinky beat and sultry vibe, it’s sure to make you get a little color in your cheeks (this is an inside joke, and you have to listen to the song to get it…see…I have my ways).  And yes, Arctic Monkeys, this feeling is flowing both ways.  SWOON.

2) Keep On Keeping On by Colony House…With their new name and a sound that rocks a bit harder than before, this new song from Colony House (formerly known as CALEB) is where it’s at.  Try not to rock out.  I dare you.

3) Holding On For Life by Broken Bells…This new single from Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) and James Mercer, lead vocalist for The Shins (you know, The Shins have this song you’ve gotta hear, it’ll change your life….Garden State? Anybody seen it?) who together are known as Broken Bells.  This song brings a smile to my face, it’s just so groovy, and it kind of reminds me of The Bee Gees.  Who doesn’t smile when they think of The Bee Gees?

4) You Belong Here by Leagues….Oh Leagues.  I could listen to Leagues here or there, I could listen anywhere, like on a train, or on a plane, or in a box, or with a fox, you get the idea.  This is one of my favorite songs from their album You Belong Here.  Leagues, you definitely belong here.

5) Temple by Kings of Leon…Yeah yeah yeah, KOL is all mainstream and Top 40 now and all of that, but they sure do make a fantastically catchy song (I’d take one in the temple, I’d take one for youuuuuuuuuu is regularly stuck in my head).  I’ll always be willing to show some love to these beautiful boys from Tennessee.

6) Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub…Speaking of folks from Tennessee, Wild Cub, a Nashville-based (by way of Brooklyn, NY) indie pop-rock quintet, has gifted us with this little ditty that makes me want to get up and dance whenever I hear it.  I think I might catch their Lightning 100 Christmas show on December 13th at Marathon Music Works or on March 2nd at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville.  You’re welcome to join me!

7) Little Games by The Colourist…This song is just so sunny, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from this Southern California ensemble.  I don’t see a Nashville date on their tour itinerary…what’s that all about?

8) The City by The 1975…This UK band had me this summer with their song “Chocolate” which was super-catchy and even contained the word “petticoat,” not the most common word used in everyday parlance these days.  I really dig this song, and speaking of the city, these Brits will be visiting this city in May, click here to find out when they’ll be visiting yours.

9) Red Hands by Walk Off The Earth…A friend of mine told me to listen to this song a while back, and then I heard it the other day in my hot yoga class (my instructor has exquisite musical taste).  Walk Off The Earth is the true example of an indie band, as they’ve had no real support from record labels and the like, basically building a fan base by covering songs and posting them on YouTube.  Red Hands is an anthem.

10) Cardiac Arrest by Bad Suns…This new band has one song out, but I’ll admit, it’s a little repetitive.  I do like their sound, so they made the playlist.  I’m ready for more!

11) Hey, Doreen by Lucius…Y’all.  I can’t stop listening to this Brooklyn group.  Their harmonies set my soul on fire.  I had a tough time choosing just one song for this playlist.  If you get a chance, check out their NPR Tiny Desk Concert or look them up on Spotify and listen to Wildewoman and How Loud Your Heart Gets.  You’re gonna love them.  I just know it.  Hey girls, any chance you’d be interested in a third part to that harmony?

12) Changing of the Seasons by Two Door Cinema Club…I thought this new single from TDCC would be a nice addition to the list.  I’m a big fan, and their songs always put me in a good mood.

13) Shot At The Night by The Killers…My all-time favorite band has a new album called Direct Hits out; they didn’t want to call it a “greatest hits” album, instead choosing to call it a “compilation” album, plus two new songs.  This synth-pop number produced by Anthony Gonzalez of M83 has an definitive 80’s sound, and you just might do some fist-pumping as you listen.

14) It’s About Time by Young The Giant…FINALLY! New music from one of my favorite bands.  Like Colony House, YTG has drifted into to harder rock territory with this first single from their new album, Mind Over Matter which drops January 21st.  If the rest of the album is this good, I might have a heart attack when I see them perform in February.  I’m so glad you’re back YTG, it’s about time.


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