Spotify Playlist Update 10.11.2021

Welcome to East of 8th’s roundup of new music added to our Spotify playlist! We know it’s been a while but we have some great music coming your way.

Please enjoy our curated selection of the latest indie rock, alternative, and indie pop tracks. (And make sure to connect with the artists on social media!)

The Florets – “Quiet Life”

The Florets Artist Photo

We’ve always had a soft spot for Australian artists—our latest crush is on Melbourne band The Florets. With “Quiet Life,” from their LP Permanent Glow, the band had the chance to experiment with different sounds and influences in the studio. “Quiet Life” explores the desire to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. This track is the sonic embodiment of chill, with psychedelic grooves galore. It makes us want to wear fringe and ride with the windows down.

Connect With The Florets:

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Phillip-Michael Scales – “Your Love’s Working Me To The Bone”

Phillip-Michael Scales Artist Photo
Photo Credit: Bryan Iglesias

Nashville’s Phillip-Michael Scales is back with “Your Love’s Working Me To The Bone,” the new song from his forthcoming LP Sinner-Songwriter, out on October 29th via Dixie Frog Records. This swoon-y tune is smolder city, with a video to match. Scales is making quite a splash here in Nashville; he comes by his talent honestly—growing up with an uncle like BB King had to have had a major impact on his art, which he calls “Dive Bar Soul.” Every verse he utters virtually oozes with emotion. We’re here for it.

Connect with Phillip-Michael Scales:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

Wild Heart Club – “Unhappy” & “Down From The Heavens”

Wild Heart Club Artist Photo
Photo Credit: Anna Haas

Last week, Nashville dream-pop outfit Wild Heart Club had a double single release – “Unhappy,” a beat-driven slow burn about toxic relationships, and “Down From The Heavens,” a heartstring-tugging “love who you wanna love” anthem and a delicious slice of 80s-inspired goodness, lushly textured with simmering synths and fiery guitar licks provided by Kristen Castro herself, the creative force behind the band. Castro says of the song, “Love is hard enough and then when you add being queer, it’s even harder. One time I played with my ex who used to sing at a church and it was such a bizarre experience watching all the people in the pews sing along to a girl who was in love with me but was also keeping me a secret,” explains Castro. “I had this vision of a god wrapped in color walking up to my ex and basically saying fuck it, go and love her, she’s more than a secret.” She also created a beautiful live acoustic performance video to accompany the single. Don’t miss this one.

Connect with Wild Hearts Club:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

Tidal Wave – “Regrets”

Tidal Waves Band Photo
Photo of Tidal Wave by Katherine Kwan

Toronto six-piece art rock band Tidal Wave says their recent single “Regrets,” is about “that crushing sense of impending doom when you think too hard about death alone in bed at night.” No biggie. The group definitely lives up to its moniker as they deliver a dramatic wall of guitar-driven synth-laden sound from the first notes to the last. “Regrets” is from their forthcoming EP out on October 28th.

Connect with Tidal Wave:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Ellie Stone – “Pretty Pink Flags”

Ellie Stone Pretty Pink Flags Cover Art

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Ellie Stone’s voice is like a soft, cozy blanket we want to wrap ourselves in. In “Pretty Pink Flags,” Stone reminisces about a lost love, seeing little reminders around her house and missing what once was. However, there’s also strength and resolve as her eyes open to all of the terrible things that love had concealed. The song begins sweetly, and takes a harder turn–pop rock gets an edge of punk – while guitars are smashed in the process. We can’t wait to see, or hear, what she does next.

Connect with Ellie Stone:

Instagram | YouTube | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube

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