The days are getting longer and the weather is (mostly) getting warmer. After several weeks of hibernation, the East of 8th Spotify Playlist returns.

Included in this update, we’ve got some tracks that helped us get through those dreary winter days mixed with some new music released in the last couple weeks. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Without further ado, here is this week’s East of 8th playlist presented in the order they were added to the list.  Music is sorted for an enjoyable “mixtape” experience.  But feel free to shuffle it up!


An opening blast of guitar lets you know that you’re in for a noisy rocker on “My Murder of Crows,” by Sheffield’s Air Drawn Dagger. The guitar and synth energy will certainly get the pulse racing, but it’s the crisp angsty vocals by frontwoman Maisie that give this song it’s emo-pop power that draws fast comparisons to several hits by Paramore. “This song is for anyone struggling with being overwhelmed by productivity culture and looming burnout,” she shares. “Here it takes the shape of sinister omens, stalking and feeding off you, representing the emotional toll it puts on us.” 

Air Drawn Dagger My Murder of Crows Album Art

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Blending a dance-worthy pop beat, a funky R&B groove, and fuzzy indie rock guitar, “Warp Speed Suzie” creates all the right feel-good vibes. This is paired with a distinct use of vocal changes that make it impossible to get the chorus out of your head. Tommy Newport tells us that, “‘Warp Speed Suzie’ is that highway blasting, windows down track I’ve been waiting to share with the world.”

You can also check out Tommy Newport’s latest single, “Yellow Lines,” on Spotify.

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“Worst Enemy” starts with a floaty, minimal musical riff as Jess Benko showcases her clear, emotive vocals. As it progresses, the contemplative lyrics take on a weightier feel thanks to the addition of an ominous electronic pop beat. “I really wanted to capture how frustrating it can be fighting in your own head over everything,” Benko reveals about the inspiration for the song.

Jess Benko Worst Enemy

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Nashville’s Moon Taxi has a knack for creating anthemic indie pop rock that just feels big. “Say” includes plenty of infectious riffs that make you want to clap along and lyrical hooks to make you sing out loud. “We feel like there is not enough listening going on in the world right now. Our new video for ‘Say’ celebrates the voices of those on the edges of social standing. You never know what you will find out about another person until you listen. We want this song to inspire others to listen, and in turn find their own voices along the way,” said front man Trevor Terndrup.

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Indie rock gets a bluesy twist thanks to the heavy doses of soulful electric guitar and sultry vocals on “Throw the First Stone” from Northern California’s Andi Galusha. The lyrics are surprisingly complex for such a flowing rock song, giving it the feel of a poetry performance paired with smart, almost improvised, musical accompaniment. “[The Song] is frustration at it’s finest,” Galusha shares. “[It’s] aimed at speaking to the listener with one foot out the door, while still questionably hanging on to (insert your own personal ruin here).”

You can also check out Andi Galusha’s prior release, “Moma Gonna Tell” on Spotify.

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“Static Bloom,” from the Brooklyn-based Hot Knives, is a perfectly executed piece of organized musical chaos. A true rock song with an edge of psychedelia, it features huge guitar riffs and thunderous drums. Somehow the vocals manage to keep up with the musical energy, carrying influences of Ozzy Osbourne. “Static Bloom” is the lead single off the band’s upcoming LP, Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To, which will be released on May 7th.

Hot Knives Band Photo

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We hope you checked out East of 8th’s premiere of “Born Again” by Alyssa Messina. Highlights from the premiere: “The song features a throwback, love ballad melody brought to life through gentle electro-pop glow.  Messina shows off her ability to inject raw feelings into her clear, honey-sweet vocals which drift above the music. She beautifully captures the feelings of fascination, yearning, and obsession that come with new love.”

Alyssa Messina Cover Photo For East of 8th Article (1)

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“let me”  –  Courtney Jacobs

Snappy pop songs are a dime a dozen on Spotify so it takes something different to stand out. Courtney Jacobs does just that as she taps into jazz, funk, and throwback hip hop and R&B influences on her recent single, “let me.” Jacobs tells us, “The lyrics send a message of gratefulness to those who support people chasing their dreams, even if they don’t see the bigger picture.”

Courtney Jacobs Let Me Album Art

You can also check out Courtney Jacob’s newest single “Miracle” featuring production by Dodji.

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