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“‘Born Again’ is a song about the impact that one may leave on another person in ways that have never been felt before,” Canadian singer/songwriter/producer Alyssa Messina shares about her latest single.

“Born Again” channels the same chill-pop vibes that have garnered Messina attention for her takes on Lewis Capaldi’s “Lost on You” and Billie Eilish’s “My Future.” However, the song, the title track for Messina’s upcoming EP, carries a personal connection to the artist that can’t shine through the same way on a cover.  “Born Again” is distinctly Messina’s emotions set to music: “[The song] underlines the theme of hope in the sense that you begin to fantasize about how life would be like with this person.  The ‘impossible’ has suddenly become the ‘new reality’ and there’s no turning back,” the artist reveals. “You feel ‘born again’ because of how they’ve helped you to see the world differently.”

The song features a throwback, love ballad melody brought to life through gentle electro-pop glow.  Messina shows off her ability to inject raw feelings into her clear, honey-sweet vocals which drift above the music. She beautifully captures the feelings of fascination, yearning, and obsession that come with new love.   

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Born Again,” from Alyssa Messina. East of 8th readers can listen to the song now via the YouTube or on Spotify. You can also pre-save the Born Again EP by Alyssa Messina on Spotify!

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