Nostalgia has been described as a file that removes the rough edges from our memories. But, we don’t mind having some of our memories smoothed out by the passage of time, and that’s why we dig “Cheerios & Chocolate Milk,” the new single from Nashville-based artist Theo Kandel.

“I wrote this song with nostalgia in mind – for me, that includes jungle gyms, faded quilts, and Cheerios & chocolate milk (mixed together, tastes really yummy),” he explains. “I wanted to capture the bittersweetness of growing up, which involves both a wistfulness for the past and optimism for the future.”

Produced by Justin Johnson, “Cheerios & Chocolate Milk,” a crisply-executed pop-tinged treat, is the perfect tune for seasonal transition, a soundtrack for honoring the innocence and simplicity of the past and looking forward—sweet melancholy mixed with hope for what’s ahead.

Without further ado, East of 8th presents “Cheerios & Chocolate Milk” by Theo Kandel:


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