While Nashville is known for being the home of country music, there are so many other genres that live and thrive here in the Music City–gospel, pop, alt-tock, and of course Americana. Even the Barbershop Harmony Society is headquartered here! That’s why it makes our hearts smile to have the chance to introduce our readers to folks making the scene even more interesting.

Nashville-based artist Justin Kelley, who makes music under the moniker Hownd, is definitely shedding light on the city’s burgeoning soul scene; today, he unveils a brand new track, “How Will I Know,” inspired by the impatience and doubt that stems from the ebb and flow of self-discovery. “I’m the martyr of my mind,” he wails. “How will I know when the worst is over?” It’s a question we all want answered in our own lives, and Hownd delivers it in a raunchy groove that provides a deliciously sultry landscape for his silky vocals. It’s a dreamy track, and honestly, we could probably listen to him sing entries from the phone book and swoon. If you’re in the Nashville (or the tri-state area really), head down to Alley Taps to see him perform tonight live, more information can be found here.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “How Will I Know,” the soulful new single from Hownd:

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