Nashville’s Drew Schueler is gearing up to take the pop world by storm with the release of his first single as a solo artist, “Open Water.” The song appears on his upcoming self-written/recorded/produced EP, New Perspective; it’s safe to say Schueler is no rookie when it comes to songcrafting. “I have always been fascinated by all aspects of creating music,” says Schueler. “ As with any kind of art, every tiny detail matters and I love knowing everything that goes into my music.”

Accustomed to fronting alternative pop/rock band The Civics, Schueler recently decided to embark on a solo path, and “Open Water” tells the story of that journey. Stepping away from his rock roots, Schueler is making his way into the pop music world through this empowering, synth-driven debut single. Despite electronic influences from The Chainsmokers and Justin Bieber, this is not your average pop song; it’s encouraging and meaningful, telling the tale of what most would perceive as a scary and intimidating excursion. “When I started writing this song, I was at a point in my life where I knew I needed to embrace change and evolve as a person. This song is my thought process of starting a new musical endeavor under my name,” says Schueler.

“Set my sights on open water ’cause I can’t stay here / Set my sights on open water and don’t look back, I won’t look back,” sings Schueler, describing his need to explore new territories without looking back. Feelings of change can be overpowering at times, making us feel helpless and fearful about the future, but “Open Water” encourages us not to get stuck in the past. “I knew things in my life were changing and I had to change my mindset and the way I responded to the changes. It was an active decision to step into this new season,” reveals Schueler.

Without further ado, East of 8th proudly presents “Open Water” by Drew Schueler:

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[This premiere was handcrafted by Eo8’s own Bri Goebel.]

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