After a 6-year hiatus, Company of Thieves rises from the ashes with their newest empowering tune, “Window.” The indie rock band’s single from their EP, Better Together, out today via Pasadena Records, portrays the beauty and strength of friendship and how the people in our lives see the best parts of us we don’t always recognize. Instead of building walls, leader singer Genevieve Schatz encourages people to find ways to break those barriers down.

“I want a window/I want to see it all through,” she sings.

The song begins with lighthearted ukulele strums, eventually growing into crisp hits of an electric guitar. In addition to the band’s use of hard electric guitar, Schatz’s voice only adds to the song’s strength. Her voice begins daintily and softly, but at the moment the guitar hits, Schatz shows off her skills as a powerhouse vocalist. Ending with the same cheerful ukulele strums from the song’s beginning, “Window” comes full-circle.

Break down your walls with “Window” from Company of Thieves:

[This mini-review was handcrafted by Eo8’s own Bri Goebel.]

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