“I’m glass made of different sand,” sings Nashville-based alt-popster Catalina in her new song, “Blood Sweat, Tears”; the native Chilean grew up on a steady diet of Motown, Aretha Franklin, Barry White, Michael Jackson and Madonna, which has inspired her own brand of latin-infused soulful pop.

“Blood, Sweat, Tears” was inspired by a sense of nostalgia and pride for her roots; the track’s music video gives a visual representation of that pride as it shows us the beauty of her native country and how it made her the person she is today. Director Charles Ropp uses double-exposure as symbolism—we see Chile through Catalina’s perspective, we see it within her, and we see her as a reflection of this spectacular place.

Catalina’s rich vocals resonate over tropical rhythms and brightly shimmering guitar licks as we gaze on the Pacific coasts of Chile, fly over the Andes, and soar across the Chilean countryside. Without further ado, East of 8th presents “Blood, Sweat, Tears” by Catalina:

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