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“We’re so excited that the cult is spreading,” declares Adam Weiner, the charismatic frontman of Philadelphia-based piano rock outfit Low Cut Connie. “We’re not one of these bands who is all of a sudden going to be on the cover of some super hip magazine or something. It’s a slow creep. What I’m most proud of is that over the past few years, the relationship with our fans has gotten deeper in both directions,” he continues. “We’ve been able to try new material that’s beyond the party band label we started out with. A couple of weeks ago, a woman sent me a message—she said she’d had a miscarriage last year, had been terribly depressed, and after a couple of weeks of not leaving her house, she came to see a Low Cut Connie show. She said it brought her out of her funk, brought her back to life, and that she’d never forget it. That means the word to me. I take my job very seriously when I hear stuff like that,” he adds. “We were just in England, and a bunch of people had flown over and came backstage with a bunch of Philly sports team gear. It was staggering. The fact that people not only come to our shows but travel to get there from other places, that’s something I’ll never understand.”

It’s true, people travel the world to experience the irreverent magic of a Low Cut Connie show. In 2015, President Barack Obama chose their song “Boozophilia” for his summertime playlist, and Sir Elton John recently announced that he wanted to collaborate with the band. “He said he’d like to come onstage with us. We’re trying to figure this out because that was be something else, right?” asks Weiner. “It would be an honor to share the stage with him. I don’t have a lot of time to reflect,” he admits. The band maintains a rigorous touring schedule, and run their own independent label, Contender Records. “There have been some cool moments though,” he adds. “Meeting President Obama and talking to Elton John were two, but there have been many.”

Last May, Low Cut Connie unleashed Dirty Pictures (part 1), their fourth full-length album which was lauded by critics and fans alike, and plan to release Dirty Pictures (part 2) this year. “It felt right to do it that way, they’re two separate albums with different vibes, but they go to gather like sisters,” says Weiner of the records. “My attention span is so short, it’s hard for me to stick with something more than half an hour,” he laughs. Though their schedule is hectic, the band works around the madness to keep the content coming.“We record when we’re on the road these days. On this tour, we have a couple of days off, so we are re-routing through Memphis so we’re jumping back into the studio for two days. Later, when we’re in Boise, we’re going to try to find a studio there for a day too. I don’t make a plan to write songs every day. Songwriting sneaks up on me,” he adds of his process. “I could be at a Waffle House counter or standing in a parking lot, it’s an annoying thing because I’ll have to grab something right then and write it down,” he laughs. “There’s no rhyme or reason to it.”

Low Cut Connie is on the road now and will perform at Mercy Lounge in the Music City on Thursday, January 25th. “I love playing Nashville,” says Weiner. “We have a core group of fans who’ve seen us play to 20 people at The Stone Fox and have seen us every time we’ve played there. The word has spread a little bit. Our Nashville shows get pretty wild,” he adds. “They get their hair messed up, I’ll put it that way.”

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