Liverpool-based rip-roaring rock outfit SHY BILLY, formerly known as LYING BSTRDS, is back with another banger for your listening pleasure. On June 26th, the band will formally unleash “Waiting Gracefully”—which is what we’ve been trying to do since the release of “Shoelaces,” earlier this year. In grand SHY BILLY tradition, the song is a searing guitar-heavy foot-stomper with grit oozing from every groove.

“Waiting Gracefully” was recorded live in tiny studio in the center of Liverpool from which the band has been recently evicted. Their next EP, Jaguar Fountain, set for release in October 2017, is their last body of work recorded there. Of the song, SHY BILLY says: “The track is about not conforming to society, as always—it’s about questioning why the fuck we have to settle down, why we’re even fucking here in the first place, ‘get a fucking job,’ ‘act your fucking age,’ truth is, I ain’t got time to sit down and wait gracefully. Who knows when I’m gonna die, so fuck it.”

There you have it.

Without further ado, East of 8th is proud to present the U.S. premiere of “Waiting Gracefully” by SHY BILLY:


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