Nashville-based singer/songwriter Reuben Bidez will be making his Bonnaroo debut on the WHO stage on Saturday, June 10th at 2:00 p.m. In September, Bidez released Turning To Wine, his first complete body of work. “As I’ve grown as a writer and singer, I’ve gravitated to this sound because it most lines up with my message, and my voice,” he says of his rockicana style. “I’ve dabbled in other genres, and my sound shifts depending on the songs. Whatever the song needs is what I’ll adjust the sound to. I let the song dictate instead of trying to fit into a mold of a certain sound. I never want to settle, I want to grow and change and be influenced by new things.”

Turning To Wine is encompasses golden-voiced singer’s observations of our self-medicated culture. “I wanted people to feel human,” he says of his EP. “I tackled a lot of tough emotions; people are keeping themselves from feeling anything—whether it’s pain or even happiness—to keep from facing their emotions. I didn’t want to create another escape, I wanted people to be confronted with with their feelings,” he explains. “Even the way we recorded, I tried not to include non-human sounds. We tried to stay as analog as possible—real music, real players, and natural sounds.”

Bidez has been getting ramped up for his Bonnaroo set by laying low as of late; “I probably should’ve been drinking two or three gallons of water to get hydrated,” he laughs. “As a performer at a festival, you get to meet so many artists that you may never be able to play a show with in another setting. It’s fun to hang out in that environment. I’ve even created my little schedule,” he adds, which includes bands like Cage The Elephant, Aaron Lee Tasjan, and U2, who will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of their iconic Joshua Tree album.

“I’ve played in front of lots of people throughout my musical career, so crowds don’t really get me too nervous,” he continues. “I think it’s more the magnitude of this kind of event, it’s one of the premiere festivals in the country. I’m really honored and shocked to be able to play. I’m gonna bring my “A” game,” he adds. “The band is ready.”

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