Nashville outfit Blank Range, going strong since 2012 and currently on tour with The Wild Reeds, spreading their unique brand of rockicana to the eager masses. On this cross-country trek for the last month, the tour brings the band to Nashville tonight, where they will be performing for the hometown crowd at The High Watt.

In November, the band released Vista Bent, a four track EP, but have been road-testing their new material on tour, and promise there is more music on the way. “We have an album done that we’re very excited to share with the world, it should see the light of day sometime this summer,” explains co-vocalist Johnathan Childers. “We’re really proud of the batch of songs and very excited to play them on the road. Each one of us is an avid listener. We’re discerning music appreciators and we have picked over our favorite music and drawn from different resources to make something we’re into,” he adds about the band’s scruffy heartland style. “We never want to put both feet in any one camp.”

The Vista Bent EP was premiered in its entirety by Stereogum who said, “The four-track collection is a country-tinged drive down the highway with whiskey-soaked vocals and plenty of steel guitar. Blunted bell clangs and lively pop rock melodies of Vista Bent make for a happy compendium of ’70s nostalgia, Nashville heartbreak, and subtle experimentation.”

For show information, head over to The High Watt’s website:

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