Veteran alt-rockers Minus the Bear are planning to release their sixth full-length album and their first in half a decade, VOIDS, on March 3rd via Suicide Squeeze Records, a bastion of the Emerald City’s vaunted indie rock scene.
For the past 15 years, the innovative band has defied classification, selling over 500,000 records  and performing for countless sold out crowds all over the world. With VOIDS, produced by Sam Bell (The Cribs, Weezer, Bloc Party, Two Door Cinema Club), Minus the Bear started with a blank slate, and inadvertently found themselves applying the same starting-from-scratch strategies that fueled their initial creative process. “There was a lot of change and uncertainty,” says guitarist David Knudson. “I think the general vibe of emptiness, replacement, lacking, and longing to fill in the gaps was very present in everyones’ minds.” No longer swept along by the momentum that had driven them for the last fifteen years, they reached a point where they could recalibrate and redefine who they were as a musical entity.
The first single from the album, “Invisible,” is a freshly-squeezed sneak peak of the amazingness headed our way in March. It will scratch all your itches, give it a spin:


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