“Did I come to your flat with a sign on my back saying ‘screw me over’?” snarls British artist Georgie, in her 60s-tinged debut single, “Company Of Thieves.” The recently-released video features our heroine roaming a city’s night time streets like a badass as conflict ensues around her. Nothing fazes Georgie.

Over the last decade, the UK has shown us that the British Invasion is still going strong–the Brits continue to nurture and produce strong artists, especially ones with female voices (R.I.P. Amy Winehouse), and Georgie is no exception. Hers is a charming edginess, one that prefers a leather jacket over a beehive hairdo. We’re digging it.

Check out “Company Of Thieves”, the new video from Georgie:


Purchase “Company Of Thieves”: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/company-of-thieves-single/id1161478018

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