Toronto-based punk band The Flatliners, who, over the last several years, accumulated a worldwide cult following through word of mouth and DIY promotion, released their new Nerves EP with Canada’s own Dine Alone Records on October 28th.

“For the first time in about a decade, we spent the majority of the year off the road and at home in 2015,” explains vocalist Chris Cresswell. “Even though to most it must have seemed like we were laying low for most of the year, 2015 became a year of constant inspiration and ever-evolving scenery and surroundings. There was a refreshing, cooling feeling that came over the task at hand and the craft we’ve honed. And with Nerves we invite you to dip your toes in the deep end of the pool.”

Album track “Hang My Head” is accessibly noisy and just the right amount of aggressive, and shows that Cresswell’s voice is lovely whether he’s yelling or singing–totally impressive in our book. Give it a spin:


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