Newport Folk Fest alums Kingsley Flood released a new video recently for their gritty new single, “To The Wolves”. The video features the band as they attempt to pull off an unlikely robbery.

Frontman and songwriter Naseem Khuri says, “I used to have a job that was low-paying, totally mindless and leading me nowhere – and I would write songs on napkins when the boss wasn’t looking. I would blame everyone else – ‘I’d feed you to the wolves’ – for my inability to realize potential and change my own life, and then realize that I never actually took the napkins out of my pocket,” he recalls. “I was screwing myself, and wanted to capture that idea in the video. So we had the band kidnap itself. That’s the official explanation. Another is that we’re losers and couldn’t find anyone else to kidnap us.”

Bassist Nick Balkin adds his own amusing backstory on the making of the video, saying, “It’s a bit nerve-wracking driving around a city in broad daylight, in a sketchy white van, while wearing ski masks. For those final scenes, we actually drove by a bank, saw some cops in the distance and – because we were paranoid and it was really hot and we were deep in character and not because we had actually robbed the bank – hit the gas and got out of there.”

Directed by Jon Dorn, “To The Wolves” is the first video off the band’s new album, Another Other, due out October 14th. “To The Wolves” can be downloaded instantly when you pre-order the album.

Give it a spin:

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