Singer-songwriter Tanya Gallagher will release Virginia, a collection of seven songs recorded three years ago with friend Brandon Hoffman, on September 30th. “I had just moved to Vancouver and after recording them I felt that the songs were a bit too fresh to release immediately,” she explains. “They needed time to breathe and settle a bit.”

In 2009, the Florida native moved away from her home state for the first time and lived in the Commonwealth for an internship opportunity. “Virginia taught me love, it taught me heartache, but most importantly it taught me that a home away from home can exist,” she adds of the album’s namesake. “These songs represent an incredible time of personal growth. I’m grateful to the friends who encouraged me along the way – and of course, to Virginia. These songs are just as much for those people and that place, as they are for me.”

Album track “Monterey” was inspired by her love of Steinbeck and her life situation at the time; Gallagher’s poignant lyrics are beautifully carried by dynamic and moving acoustic guitar, the stripped-down production allowing her tender voice to shine.

Without further ado, East of 8th is proud to premiere “Monterey” by Tanya Gallagher:

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