Los Angeles-based foursome Romance & Rebellion, whose talents have been fostered in the hipster have of Echo Park, and who have been cutting their teeth playing on stages up and down the Sunset Strip, return with powerhouse poster girl anthem, “Vanity Fair”, pure poptastic fun to bring some coolness to the dog days of your summer.  

Cherry Coke, tan lines and knee highs–nostalgic remembrances that paint a picture-perfect depiction of youthful infatuation delivered in candy-coated pop rock . Wrapped in wistful reminiscent ideals, they praise the object of their affection with slamming power pop beats and a retro 1960’s rock motif that’s highly addictive. Soaring vocals fly across layers of pitch-perfect harmonies that collide in an excited giddy guitar-pop bounce of a chorus. 

East of 8th is proud to premiere “Vanity Fair”, the new single from Romance & Rebellion. Enjoy!


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