Us The Duo, of viral #6SecondCovers fame, recently released a brand new album, Just Love; the pair is touring to support the record, which will bring them to Nashville on August 1st to perform at Cannery Ballroom.

The band became social media sensations in 2014 with their #6SecondCovers, and have amassed 10 million followers across all social media platforms—they were also the first band signed to a major label (Republic Records) via Vine. Their star rose quickly with film syncs, partnerships, appearances on national television, and features in major outlets became the norm, but they soon felt like their situation was compromising their artistic ideals, which led them to boldly decide to leave their massively successful pop label and set out on their own as independents, with the freedom to create music on their own terms. 

Just Love is a genuine and confident album from two people brave enough to do things their own way in a time when so many pop artists choose to play it safe with careers mapped out in a boardroom. Just Love is pure, unadulterated pop, as well as a nod of acknowledgment to a time when records weren’t just about how many featured guests and overdubbing you could fit into 50 over-produced minutes. Instead, Michael and Carissa (a.k.a. Us The Duo) are focusing on the two things that used to define quality pop music: great songwriting and strong performances.

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