An ambient and uplifting four-piece hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Brother delivers melodic synthesizer and guitar-driven alternative/R&B tunes. The band formed in June 2015 as an extension of Danzell Capers’ (guitar/synth/vocals) desire for collaboration with other multi-instrumentalists and producers, resulting in the addition of longtime friend Quinn Pudenz (vocals/synth/guitar), local DJ/producer Brooks Brown (bass/vocals/synth) and Christian Lester (drums) to the project. Brother’s influences include Chrvches, The 1975, Passion Pit, St. Lucia, Usher and Kanye West, which are evident in the group’s soulful fusion of drums and synthesizers that are accentuated by crisp guitar riffs.

Brother’s debut EP is scheduled for release this spring; the EP is an exploration of being lost and confused in an all-too-adult world, but finding the beauty in that exclusion from adulthood. It shines light on their pasts by reliving the good within our own experiences.

Check out their recently-released single



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