When it came time to record their debut full-length album, Alpenglow turned to musician and producer Sam Cohen (Yellowbirds, Apollo Sunshine) to help them stretch their sound into the psychedelic world. The band cites Cohen’s abilities to tweak tones and strip down beats as his biggest strengths saying, “He has a way of placing listeners’ feet on the ground with deep classic grooves while their heads float into space through swirling synth tones.” In addition, Cohen’s DIY spirit and engagement in all aspects of his own artistic production serve as encouragement for Alpenglow, who create all their own artwork and videos.

In the midst of the recording process, Cohen’s first daughter, Jupiter, was born. Inspired by the cosmic theme and wanting to pay tribute to both Cohen and new life, Alpenglow titled the album Callisto, the name of one of Jupiter’s moons.

Snag a listen to the dreamy single “Solitude”; Callisto will be released via Chizu Records on February 26th.

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