Vancouver’s prolific indie-pop band The Zolas return with their self-produced third studio album Swooner set for release on March 4th via Light Organ Records. The record marks a major departure from their first two albums; Swooner features vibrant, experimental pop, showcased by stirring modern production.

The band recently premiered the album’s title track “Swooner”, a fuzzed out, guitar-driven, feminist anthem in its own right. Vocalist/guitarist Zach Gray explains, “Swooner is about those high-functioning women we all know who somehow manage to be the quarterback of their squad and the best at their job and politically engaged and the most fun person to have real talk with over beers. I don’t know how you do it but we salute you.”

How refreshing for a band celebrate the diversity of positive femininity in such a fun and encouraging way!  This song will make you…SWOON(er).

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