Salt Lake City-based Oh, Be Clever, comprised of Brittney Shields (singer/lyricist) and Cory Scott Layton (producer/multi-instrumentalist) have recently released their brand new single, “River,” a tasty morsel of indie electro-soul.  Shields says about the single:

“This song is about seeking validation in all the wrong places. When we wrote this I was very insecure.  I’d do almost anything to get someone to like me.  It’s about the feeling you get when you come to terms your flaws and let go of the baggage holding you back.  ‘River’ is about accepting your flaws and living happily with them. There are a million different ways a person could interpret this song, and that’s kind of the way we want to keep it.  Leave it up to your own life experience and the way you relate to it.  We’re letting this song stay cryptic.”

Snag your first listen to “River” here:

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