I recently caught up with Diego Solorzano from Mexico City-based indie electro-rock band Rey Pila, currently on a nationwide tour with The Rentals.  Rey Pila, which began initially as Solorzano’s solo project, will be releasing their follow-up to 2010’s self-titled debut in the very near future.  You can catch them live with The Rentals at Mercy Lounge on Monday, May 25th.

Eo8: You’re based in Mexico City, what’s the music scene like there?

DS:  Night life in Mexico City is pretty intense, it’s interesting, you know, people are into goth music, and bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, and Interpol.

Eo8:  Your new album, Future Sugar, on Julian Casablancas’ label Cult Records, was supposed to be out May 5th; can you tell us when you think you’ll be able to release it?

DS:  Julian heard some of the demos we’d been working on for future albums, and he wanted us to include them on this album.  We ended up working on three songs a few weeks ago to include on the album, and we had to wait for them to get mixed and mastered and everything.  We will probably release it a couple of weeks from now.

Eo8:  How does the new album differ from your first? Has anything changed?

DS:  Writing a lot of songs is like exercising your writing muscle.  For me personally, it’s helped me develop a more keen sense of how to work on the music and what decisions to make.  That’s been super helpful, that process of becoming more mature.  I feel like I am writing better songs than before. It’s a discipline thing, you know?

Eo8:  How involved was Casablancas in the making of your new album?

DS:  He was really involved; he produced and worked in detail on those last three songs I mentioned that we are adding to the album.  We also co-produced some of the songs together as well.

Eo8:  You’re on tour with The Rentals now, and the schedule is intense.  Will there be any time for fun, and what are you look forward to most?

DS:  Every night is time for fun!  That’s the beautiful thing about playing music! We get to hang out with the guys, see the beautiful landscapes.  Last night we played San Francisco, that was a really good show, we really like San Fransisco.  We haven’t played Detroit yet, that’s one of the places we really want to get to.  Also, NYC, LA…you know, just having the chance to be here to tour and play with The Rentals, to have that opportunity, we are very grateful and excited about that.

Eo8:  Have you been to Nashville before, and will you have time to explore while you’re here?

DS:  Yes!  We toured with Interpol last year, and made it to Nashville.  If we have some free time, I’m for sure going to spend some time walking around and enjoying the city as much as I can.

Eo8:  What is your live show like? What can we expect?

DS:  We put on a pretty energetic show.  It’s loud for sure, lots of guitars.  It’s angry, passionate, and in your face.  In a good way.

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