TSWS2The Soft White Sixties illuminated Nashville on October 17th, and I was so excited to finally see the light!


I’d had the pleasure (and I do mean pleasure, they are extremely affable fellows) of Google-chatting with Aaron Eisenberg (guitar/keys) and Octavio Genera (vocals/guitar) back in May, and when I found out they were making their way to the Music City, I bought my ticket post haste.


Show time…Genera, with his raspy, sometimes soulful, sometimes sultry, always sassy vocals, is a dynamic frontman; if he’s not wearing out a tambourine or deftly swinging a microphone around by its cord, he is dancing across the stage in his white shoes, showing it exactly who’s the boss.  Not to be overlooked, Eisenberg made his guitar talk dirty to us with his fuzzy riffs, periodically switching to the keys to add some organ to the mix.  Ryan Noble’s groovy bass lines danced just under the music’s bluesy surface, forming a partnership of perfection with Joey Bustos’ drumming prowess, propelling everything forward.

I could have listened to them all night; if you haven’t checked out their music, you are truly missing out, but just listening doesn’t even begin to communicate just how together this band is.  Take a look at this video of TSWS performing of one of my favorites, “Knock It Loose”–

I can’t wait to see what’s next for this fantastic foursome, and I sure hope they head this way again soon.


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