There are so many amazingly creative happenings in Nashville these days; but this comes as no surprise.  Every day I hear about something interesting to check out, and I just had to share this one with you…….

SHIFT: A Sensory Movement

“Local visual artist, Sadie Monroe, and indie songstress, Kelly Ruth, are teaming up to curate an artistic residency within The East Room on the last three Mondays in April.  The residency is entitled, “SHIFT: A Sensory Movement” and they hope to highlight the “shift” of energy moving throughout Nashville’s environment between local artists, especially since it’s almost Spring.

Diverse musical acts and various-medium artists will express their creative vitality and awaken the in-takers’ senses to alternative existence. Local photographers, Carolyn Lethgo and Rachel Ward, are curating a theme-based photo gallery in the upstairs space.  Sadie Monroe is creating a massive, all-consuming art installation that completely transforms the appearance of the venue.  Kelly Ruth is gathering her favorite music-making Nashvillians such as Jordan Hull, Honey Locust, Charlie (Whitten), Phantom Farmer and Juliana to put on a good show.

This ever-evolving event happens April 14th, 21st and 28th. Doors are at 7pm, $5 will get you in and The East Room at 2412 Gallatin Ave is where to be.”

Kelly Ruth & Sadie Monroe

I was also able to ask show curator Kelly Ruth a few questions:

Eo8:  What inspired you to create “SHIFT: A Sensory Movement?” 

KR: I had been trying to get my music back on track after about a year of inactivity. I had been feeling pretty apathetic, blocked and uninspired. I met Sadie, because we both work at Pinewood Social, and realized that she is a really talented visual artist/designer and that we both had deep roots in collaboration across various mediums.  It was probably the first time I’d been really excited about something creative in a while, so we dove in.

Eo8:  How did you decide on the theme of the event? 
KR:  We wanted to bring a refreshing, contemporary experience to the Nashville scene.  Something different than just a show of cool bands and booze.  Sadie wanted to physically demonstrate the “shift” happening in Nashville, particularly East Nashville, between creatives.
Eo8:  How did you choose the show’s participants?
KR:  A lot of them are our friends like Carolyn Lethgo and Rachel Ward. They’re photographers curating the upstairs gallery with their work.  They’ve kept it quite the little secret, but I’ve heard about a polaroid montage, Nashville street photography, and a projection screen photo booth.  As for the bands, I asked some friends whose music I really crush on, and I asked some bands I’ve listened to and have always wanted to see play live.
Eo8:  What do you hope to accomplish with the show?
Again, we want to create something bigger than ourselves and more interactive with the audience to create a total sensory experience.
Eo8:  Why did you choose The East Room as a location?
KR:  Ben Jones, the owner of The East Room, is a good friend.  He puts on A LOT of good shows every month.  It’s a good location on Gallatin, close enough to the 5 Points area and FooBar.  The space itself is very workable; it’s a little bit of a blank canvas, because there isn’t permanent art on display that you have to work around.  Also, the upstairs is perfect for a gallery.
Eo8:  Will there be more shows like this from you in the future?
KR:  Who knows how SHIFT will evolve?  If all goes well, sure, why not? We’ve joked about doing one a season, but that’s pretty ambitious.  Ask us after the 28th, haha.
I’m really excited to experience this myself!  I hope you’ll join me!  For more information, you can go to the SHIFT: A Sensory Movement event page:


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