New Music Friday!

It’s been busy around these parts lately, so we’re a tad behind when it comes to posting the newest releases. Don’t judge us. Anyhoo, here are a few tracks and videos out recently that we’re a-diggin’. Check ’em out: “PICTURE IN A FRAME” – JEN STARSINIC Nashville singer/songwriter and professional fiddler Jen Starsinic picks up … Read more New Music Friday!


When it comes to showcasing the absolute best of what modern Southern-bred soul has to offer, one needs to look no further than Memphis-based outfit Southern Avenue. Comprised of award-winning blues guitarist Ori Naftaly, otherwordly vocalist Tierinii Jackson, funktastic drummer Tikyra “TK” Jackson, Beale Street fixture Jeremy Powell tearing up the keys, and Evan Sarver … Read more 8 QUESTIONS with SOUTHERN AVENUE

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