When thinking of Ben Howard’s music, eloquence, depth, and raw, unfiltered beauty come to mind. There is something unique and exceptional about his style that tugs at one’s heartstrings and stops you in your tracks. He encompasses anything and everything in his music and blends it with authentic creativity; from resounding piano notes that seem to float through the air to faint hums that feel closer than your heartbeat. “Conrad” and “Time Is Dancing” are excellent examples of this from his last album, and Howard’s new music still manages to exceed the high expectations that those songs and more have set in the past.

There are many gems on this release such as “What The Moon Does,” “The Defeat,” and “Towing The Line” that will leave you feeling nostalgic, blissful and hopeful that this won’t be the last we hear from Ben Howard. The songs are beautifully arranged and diverse in terms of sounds and styles, while still embodying Howard’s imagination and incorporating various aspects of his evolution as an artist. This is a deeply satisfying album; one that sounds quite mature and teases with the possibilities of what Howard will bring to the table next.

[Purchase Noonday Dream, out June 1st via Island Records.]

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[This review was crafted by Eo8’s own Maggie Kimbro.]


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